Timeless book design

Preserving your memoir or family history
into artfully crafted books

A life; a business; a family; moments pass, generations rise. Experiences form the rich fabric of existence that weave us together. Yet how often do we stand back to take in the entire tapestry? Creating a book is a worthy endeavor. You need a book designer with the resources and dedication to fully realize it.

This is the passion of Parke Book Creation.


Meet Linda Parke

Linda Parke Book Design.jpeg

Founder Linda Parke is an experienced book designer who has created memoirs, corporate histories and many other books for individuals, families and businesses. Parke Book Creation is the evolution of her passion for book design, bringing creative experts together to assemble the perfect team for each unique book project. Grounded in a shared love of books, stories, words, design, paper, history, image and narrative, Parke Book Creation is a trusted collaborator for realizing the book that lives in all of us.

The best time to start your memoir or history is now.