1. Assembling Your Team:

Whether we collaborate with you throughout the writing process or you provide your own manuscript, we source the right team of creative professionals to create a custom book that's unique to you. Your dedicated team will mobilize to provide you with all the expertise you'll need to launch your finished book.

2. Envisioning Your Book:

Whether you’re book is a personal biography, family history, company history, family heirloom recipes, tribute, commemoration, family yearbook or another literary work, our team will collaborate with you to develop a vision for your book that reflects your personality, preferences and intended audience.

3. Interviews & Research: 

Your writer will prepare questions for one-on-one interviews (either in person or over the phone) and establish a framework for your book - chapter titles pages, subsections and supporting materials - to ensure that your book flows smoothly. Additional research may include historically relevant information, geneological charts or public domain imagery to illustrate your story.

4. Transcriptions: 

Your recorded interviews will be carefully transcribed to digital format.

5. Writing and Editing: 

We’ll edit your transcribed interviews and weave them together to create a smooth narrative and ensure your story is a deeply engaging one that maintains your original voice.

6. Image Gathering & Retouching:

Our image professionals will help you select the best photographs, mementos, illustrations and other ephemera to compliment your written narrative. Once these have been chosen we’ll carefully scan your images in high resolution digital format. If necessary, we can also retouch old photographs to ensure the best quality printing. We’ll return the originals safely to you, along with the digitally retouched images, once the book has been finalized.

7. Layout and Design: 

Whether we have worked with you to write your book or you are providing your own manuscript, our professional book designers will design a layout that’s true to your vision, your taste, your story and your style. Hard cover or soft, black and white or full-colour, typeface preferences, end papers, cover designs and binding materials will all be chosen with care. This is where the narrative and the photographs come together and your book comes to life.

8. Printing and Binding:

Once you have signed off on the layout and design of your book it will be time to select a printer. Whether you want five or 5,000 copies on standard paper or FSC-approved, 100% recycled stock, we can provide a variety of recommendations for printing in Canada, the US or Asia, depending on your needs. We will supply the printer of your choice with all the high-resolution digital files they’ll need to print and bind your book to the highest possible standards to ensure it will be enjoyed for generations so come. In addition, we’ll give you the full digital files for your archives.

9. Launch and Presentation:

Do you want to deliver your book in a handmade wooden case? Would your relatives appreciate a commemorative historical tile to display? We can help you bring your book to life in many exciting and creative ways.